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18 bajo
46020 - Valencia
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antonio esquivias

Year of birth: 1962
Laguages: Spanish-Galician
Height: 1,72m
Hair: white hair
Eyes: blue

  • Film

"Los Manuscritos". (Proyecto Fenix). dir. Tino Triviño.

"Bastille". dir. Javier Castelló.
"Los cojones 33".dir. Javier Castelló.
"La Utopía De Lucía". dir. John Salazar.
"Chaos". dir. Miguel Monteagudo.
"La leyenda del ladrón del árbol de los colgados". dir. Sami Natsheh.
"Lagrimas de sangre". dir .George Karja
"Mickey". dir. Isaac Gallego.
"La Taberna del Escocés".dir. Javier Castelló.
"El éxito de Ernesto Kely" dir. Sergio Romero.
"La Aventura de Rosa". dir. Ángela Armero.
"Voces en imágenes". dir. Alfonso S. Suárez.

  • TV

"La que se avecina". T 5
"Cuentame como pasó". TVE 1
"El ministerio del tiempo". TVE.
"Tarancón, el Quinto Mandamiento". TVE

  • Other

It is worth highlighting his long career as a voice actor from 1981 to the present, giving his voice to several actors in films and TV series.
He is especially known for:
Kelsey Grammer on "Cheers", "Frasier", "Back to You" and "Boss".
Karstak in "Game of Thrones".
Sideshow Bob and Mel, Inspector Chalmers, and God, among others, on "The Simpsons".
Langley in "The X-Files".
Grover on "Sesame Street", and Raphael in "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles".
He is the voice of many spots and advertising campaigns as Cruzcampo, Foster´s Hollywood, Telepizza, Ford, Renault, Burger King, ONCE, and many others.
He has great experience in singing, in musical recitals and as a solo singer.

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